Windows vista for ever

AS for me... i will use vista for ever and never ever changed because i ma so happy with it... and i feel that is so fast compare to other
6:08 AM

Visual styles

Windows Vista has five distinct visual styles which are Windows Aero it is called desktop windows manager, Windows Vista Standard This style is a variation of Windows Aero without the glass effects, Windows Vista Basic This style has aspects that are similar to Windows XP's visual style with the addition of subtle animations, Windows Standard this visual style supports color schemes, and Windows Classic Windows Classic resembles the default color scheme of Windows 95 and 98
6:07 AM

Windows Vista


Microsoft company  developed windows vista for use of personal computers, including home and business desktop, laptop tablet PCs and media center PCs......

6:05 AM

Windows Vista is best

very fast and better windows. today most of the people even including me using windows vista with new model of laptop espacially dell. At the same time vista compare to other windows is very fast and very useful.
6:02 AM