Microsoft office

Microsoft offices is set of applications used in calculation, typing, organizing and saving files.... it very usefull programm and it important to our working life espacially for company in today...
7:31 PM

Operating system

wooooooooow you can see here windows is clean desktop. you can perform any function and download programms. And also you can managing files...
11:55 AM

Windows 7

there is a little bit change on windows 7. And also there is some reasons why Microsoft Corporation has decided to introduce Windows 7 are discussed, noting that a major motive lies with the public relations disaster associated with its predecessor, Windows Vista, and the latter's poor performance due largely to the delay in launching Vista and the haste with which much of the development work was done to make up the time wasted by going down the wrong track with a version of Windows built more deeply on the .
11:47 AM

Microsoft company itself

microsft is most company that famous among people compare to othe brand... and even their product is very cheaper..
11:31 AM